The company “CAMAL” LTD has been operating for over 20 years, during all this time it has won the sympathy of consumers with its delicious ice cream, which is liked by everyone, from small to old. Excellent ice cream under the “İCELAND” brand with its colorful packaging adorns shop windows at any time of the year.

The “İCELAND” trademark history dates back to 1998, when the company founders decided to create an ice cream factory. In the early years of the plant consisting of a small production workshop, Turkish technologies and equipment have been used to produce ice cream. Successful implementation of the best practices, dynamic and rapid development allowed the company to take a dominant position in the domestic market in the shortest possible time.

In 2000, the company first started packing local ice cream, and the first Bakinka brand went on sale.

Since 2002, the company has began purchasing equipment of leading European brands and apply advanced technologies to produce ice-cream. The production area was expanded with 4 production workshops, and 7 lines were put into operation for different ice cream types.

In 2021, the company purchased new modern equipment for the production of ice cream, another line was put into operation. Currently, the company operates 8 lines for producing various types of ice cream.

Along with the leading company specialists, experienced experts invited from abroad contributed to introducing new equipment into production. In subsequent years, the company gained popularity among consumers and increased the products assortment by creating new popular brands. Among them, the Bakılı Qız and Malik brands well-known by their name and taste occupy a special place.

In 2008, the company celebrating its decade had already a production area meeting European standards and practices. In 2009, “CAMAL” LTD capable to satisfy most of the demand for ice cream in the domestic market started developing foreign markets. Thus, having entered the international arena in 2010, it became the first Azerbaijani company exporting ice cream to Georgia.

In 2015, the “İCELAND” trademark expanded its ice cream collection with the «SEVGI» brand having a great potential for conquering foreign ice cream markets in the premium segment. Currently, the company produces more than 100 product titles.

The “İCELAND” trademark idea, which means “Ice country” is reflected in every product. Today, the “İCELAND” trademark is the most popular ice cream brand in the domestic market.


One of the main goals is the dynamic development of the company.

Maintain the good name and high reputation of the company in the field of ice cream production.

The main mission is to provide our people with high quality products that meet international standards.

To bring the İceland trademark to the world market as a product produced in Azerbaijan.

Our development criterion is customer satisfaction!


In our business, we maintain the highest level of responsibility and reliability!


We are an indicator of quality in the production of ice cream!


We are the guarantor of the food safety of our products!