B2B is a set of high-quality services provided by a professional team ensuring business cooperation based on mutual profits, the production of finished products in the scope and assortment meeting the customers’ needs, as well as the timely supply of raw materials.

Our activities include the production, import and sale of ice cream and frozen partially prepared foods (wholesale and retail outlets, network markets, HoReCa – hotel, restaurant and cafe/catering, regional branches and international cooperation).

Our modern large-capacity refrigerated warehouses guarantee the quality storage and prompt delivery of finished products to customers. 5 regional branches (Shirvan, Guba, Ganja, Yevlakh and Goychay) and 28 representative offices, in turn, allow prompt providing the regions with products.

Logistics - refrigerated cars provide delivery of high-quality products to the required address.

Safety - food safety and manufacturer’s certificates are provided together with ice cream and frozen foods (fruits, vegetables, potatoes and partially prepared food).

New products we offer are accompanied by advertising and marketing support and provided with branded refrigeration equipment depending on customer turnover.

Regular customers enjoy benefits for volume of sales in the discount system. Upon the customer's request, the product packaging can bear the customer’s logo and information (XTN). Continuous growth of sales leads to closer cooperation and the achievement of the most effective results.


We try to ensure your enjoying Iceland ice cream not only in the nearest shops, but also in the hotels, restaurants and cafes you visit. Through the HoReCa sales channel, our sales representatives ensure a continuous supply of a wide range of fresh products. Frozen vegetables offered by our company allow you cooking favorite dishes all the year. Fruits and vegetables processed by shock freezing retain their vitamins and healthful ingredients.

Ice cream offered in the HoReCa sector is used both as take-home ice-cream and as a base for desserts and cocktails. Regular seminars and workshops are also held with the participation of international partners’ representatives.


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