Export mission

“Camal” LTD is one of the leading companies in the local ice cream industry for over 20 years. The main goal of the company for 2019 is to carry out its mission- export oriented mission under the brand "Iceland" to global markets. The existing production capacity of the enterprise will allow selling ice cream products under trade mark “Iceland” both local market and abroad. Ice cream products under “Iceland” trade mark , which is distinct with its unique taste and quality in the local market, is currently being exported to the Middle East markets under the “Made in Azerbaijan” brand.

Promoting the traditional ice cream flavor outside of Azerbaijan and promoting the brand "Made in Azerbaijan" is a stimulus for our company. The high export potential of our products, as well as the ability to compete with other foreign ice cream brands, is a source of pride for our company. The dynamically growing company, Camal LTD, is committed to delivering more benefits to the country's economy through its export mission.