The export mission of the company "CAMAL" LTD

"CAMAL" LTD company, which has been on the ice cream market for more than 20 years and a distributor of world brands of ice cream and frozen products, aims to expand the geography of its activities to the world market. The main goal of the company is to develop an export mission of ice cream under the İCELAND trademark. Taking into account the existing production capacities of our enterprise, technical conditions, and standards, human capital, branded products - these factors fully allow us to develop in this direction on favorable terms.

Ice cream “İCELAND”, which is distinguished by individual taste and high quality, is currently successfully exported to near and distant markets under the brand “MADE IN AZERBAIJAN”. The efforts made and the work done in this direction have shown and continue to show positive results. The traditional taste of ice cream has won the sympathy of consumers outside of Azerbaijan - in Turkey, Georgia, Palestine, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Syria as well as on the African continent. We pride ourselves on the high export potential and competitiveness of our products.

In 2020, despite the conditions of the pandemic, the "CAMAL" LTD company is developing its activities and in 2021 is aimed at participating in international exhibitions, export missions and thereby providing itself with access to world markets.