08 Ap / 2024

Seasonal New Arrival: LUNA Ice Cream

We are excited to introduce the seasonal new arrival – LUNA ice cream! This season, we have prepared two unique products under the LUNA brand that will surely delight you with their taste and originality.

The first product is a two-layer ice cream bar. This treat combines nut-chocolate and panna cotta ice cream with added salty pops. This unique blend of sweet and salty will create an unforgettable experience with every bite.

The second product is the LUNA ice cream cornet. This cone is filled with panna cotta-flavored ice cream and topped with chocolate. Its exquisite taste and creamy texture make it the perfect treat for hot summer days.

Try the seasonal new arrivals from LUNA and enjoy every moment with our unique flavors! Coming soon to store shelves near you.

Seasonal New Arrival: LUNA Ice Cream